1. the retained earnings statement shows all of the following except

1.  The retained earnings statement shows all of the following except which one? 

        The amounts of changes in retained earnings during the period

        The causes of changes in retained earnings during the period

        The time period following the one shown for the income statement

        Beginning retained earnings on the first line of the statement


2.  The information needed to determine whether a company is using accounting methods similar to those of its competitors, would be found in which of the following? 

        auditor’s report

        balance sheet

        management discussion and analysis section

        notes to the financial statements


3.  Using the following balance sheet and income statement data, what is the earnings per share?


Current assets    $ 9,000    Net income     $ 12,000

Current liabilities     4,000   Stockholders’ equity 27,000

Average assets     44,000   Total liabilities   6,000

Total assets      30,000


Average common shares outstanding was 10,000 






4.  Which of the following is not considered a measure of liquidity? 

        Current ratio

        Working capital

        Debt to total assets ratio

        Each of the above are liquidity measures


5.  Which pair of accounts follows the rules of debit and credit, in relation to increases and decreases, in the same manner? 

        Accounts Payable and Rent Expense

        Repair Expense and Notes Payable

        Prepaid Insurance and Advertising Expense

        Service Revenues and Equipment


6.  Which of the following is not part of the recording process? 

        Analyzing transactions

        Preparing a trial balance

        Entering transactions in a journal

        Posting journal entries 


7.   Joe is a warehouse custodian, and also maintains the accounting record of the inventory held at the warehouse. An assessment of this situation indicates ______________________ . 

        documentation procedures are violated

        independent internal verification is violated

        segregation of duties is violated

        establishment of responsibility is violated


8.  The following information was taken from Niland Company cash budget for the month of April:


Beginning cash balance $30,000

Cash receipts 27,000

Cash disbursements 34,000


If the company has a policy of maintaining end of the month cash balance of $25,000, the amount the company would have to borrow is which of the following? 






9.  Managerial accounting information does which of the following? 

        pertains to the entity as a whole and is highly aggregated

        must be prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles

        pertains to subunits of the entity and may be very detailed

        is prepared only once a year


10.  A manufacturing process requires small amounts of glue. The glue used in the production process is classified as which of the following? 

        period cost

        indirect material

        direct material

        miscellaneous expense


11.  Which of the following are period costs? 

        Raw materials

        Direct materials and direct labor

        Direct labor and manufacturing overhead

        Selling expenses


12.  Ranger Company reported total manufacturing costs of $65,000, manufacturing overhead totaling $13,000, and direct materials totaling $16,000.  How much is direct labor cost? 






13.  Hardigan Manufacturing Company reported the following year-end information:

beginning work in process inventory, $80,000

cost of goods manufactured, $980,000

beginning finished goods inventory, $50,000 

ending work in process inventory, $70,000 

and ending finished goods inventory, $40,000


How much is Hardigan’s cost of goods sold for the year?






14.  Which statement describes a fixed cost? 

        It varies in total at every level of activity.

        The amount per unit varies depending on the activity level.

        Its total varies proportionally to the level of activity.

        It remains the same per unit regardless of activity level. 


15.  Which one of the following is not an assumption of CVP analysis? 

        All units produced are sold.

        Cost classifications are reasonably accurate.

        Factors other than changes in activity may affect costs.

        The sales mix remains constant.