2 part paper | Criminal homework help


Community policing is a combination of approaches, philosophies, and strategies. The purpose of community policing is as old as policing itself, rooted in long-standing goals, practices, and problem-solving efforts. With an understanding of the roles in and factors affecting a community, you now shift to creating a community policing plan.

 develop a proposal for a community policing plan. The key elements of a proposal are listed below. Consider Part 1 of the document to be public—that is, it is a document to be shared with an audience consisting of community members and your peers in your law enforcement agency. Part 2 of your document is your analysis and reflection of the plan, the audience for which is your Instructor only. 

part 1 – 250–500 words, address the following in your proposal. Because this is a “public” document with the goal of disseminating information to your community, you may use a combination of paragraphs and bullet points. 

In the introduction to your proposal, address the following:

  • Identify the problem you seek to address.
  • Describe the proposed solution in a summary statement that is concise but complete.
  • Identify the proposed duration for the community policing plan that will address the problem.

In the remainder of your proposal, include the following items:

  • Mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Possible challenges and opportunities
  • Strategies for implementation and success
Part 2 – 500–750 words, respond to the prompts below. Recall that this portion of your document is your analysis and reflection of the plan, the audience for which is your Instructor only.
  • Identify the interdisciplinary entities that will be stakeholders in your plan (i.e., the institutions or parts of the community to partner with) and explain their roles.
  • Explain how you foresee your plan working “on the ground.” In this explanation, be sure to be forthcoming about possible challenges and how you intend to overcome them. For example, what challenges not shared in the public plan do you think you may encounter?
  • Describe any outreach strategies you could employ, including social media or press-style announcements.