Acct – problem 2-3a, 2-4a, 2-10a

2-3A) The hours worked and the hourly wage rates for 5 employees of Kagen company for the week ended September 9.
A. for each employee compute the gross earnings.
B.Compute the total gross earnings for all employees.

The wages and hours information for five employees of McNeese Enterprises for the week ended July 8 is given below. Employees work a standard 40-hour workweek and are paid time and one-half for all hours over 40 in each workweek

A For each employee compute the regular earnings, overtime earnings, and total gross earnings.
B. Compute the total gross earnings for all employees.

Under the decimal system of computing time worked at Timmerman Company, production workers who are tardy are ‘‘docked’’ according to the schedule shown below.
Minutes Late in
Ringing in
Fractional Hour
1 through 6 1/10
7 through 12 2/10
13 through 18 3/10
19 through 24, etc. 4/10