Analytical question for writing #1: loewen, chapter 4 in answering


Analytical Question for Writing #1: Loewen, Chapter 4

In answering the “analysis” portion of this writing assignment, please answer the question below:

Loewen’s definition of” syncretism”:

  • taking elements from two (or more) cultures to form something new.

When Loewen speaks to Native Americans, he argues that modern Native American youth can avoiding choosing between “Western culture” and “Indian culture,” both of which, he points out, are already syncretic. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

  • Each responsive writing must be a MINIMUM 500 words, typed and double-spaced, AND conform to the format outlined below. You CANNOT use a font that is larger than 12 point (I’d recommend Times Roman). Many students find that they can and want to write much more.
    • If your paper fails to meet this MINIMUM REQUIREMENT, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.
  • You SHOULD NOT AND CANNOT do any outside research to complete these assignments. Papers will be subject to originality analysis by If shows that you have included outside resources, then you will receive a 0% for that paper.
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