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Equality in the Workplace

Ladies and gentlemen the world is changing, the world has changed and we all have a role to play in ensuring equality and equity. Many are the times we have been discriminated in our residents, workplace and schools due to our gender. As your governor, I promise to end the inequality that has been experienced in the workplace. Each individual deserve an equal treatment. I believe our women deserve better in their workplace they deserve to receive their wages depending on how they produce. I have a dream of a better state if you elect me as your governor. I can foresee a state where we all walk into our workplace and smile as we receive what we deserve. I believe we can make our state a better place if we all unite to make our state a better place. Ladies equality in the workplace will be attained and I will be in the forefront to ensure it attained.

            Gender inequality in the workplace is manifested in different ways. Women have been holding junior positions in the organization thus preventing them from exploiting their potential. There are jobs, which have always been perceived to be women jobs while others perceived to be men jobs. The perception of discrimination of job based on gender has led to unequal pay in the workplace (Fuentes 290). My administration will ensure that all people are hired in the organization due to one’s expertise and skills. I will fight to ensure there is a centralized system that organization should submit to in ensuring every employee get their fair share.

Equality among women is crucial in our society to ensure progressiveness. Many are times women have headed various institutions and homes and we have experienced tremendous glory on their leadership. As equal gender, they have bills and project to run in the society. By giving them equal opportunities, you give them room to grow their ideas in their field and to bring out the nest from their families. Some of the women are raising up families single heartedly as single parents. By giving them equal chances in payment, you create an enabling environment to raise their families comfortably.

            I will work with the different stakeholders both in government and outside the government to protect the interest of both men and women on equal measure. Women have always been the majority population in our state and country. Be empowering women and advocating for equal share we are developing our economy. Women are known to be the building power behind most families with their industrious nature and better ways of managing finances. The growth of our economy is directly proportional with the impact we put on empowering women. Women have a significant role in contributing to the economy (Sharma 4). According to a research carried out it estimated that in an average family at least three women are working in the family either in formal or informal sector.

            In conclusion, my people I need your support to achieve a better state that we can call home. A state which every member is proud to be associated. As your leader, I will lead from the front line to ensure we all achieve our goals. I believe our goals and aspirations are bigger enough to concur our disparities and challenges affecting us. Under my leadership, we will make our state a united place for everyone. Never in my watch will we watch and see our people being discriminated on their workplace together we will make our state great.

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