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Business Ethics Course Project

Use your textbook Business Ethics Concepts & Cases (8th Edition) by Manuel G. Velasquez, and write a minimum of 6,000 words essay that addresses the following:

Chapter 1

Describe moral and nonmoral standards and norms.

Describe applying ethical or moral concepts to corporations

Describe business ethics and corporate social responsibility:

-Explain globalization and business ethics

-Describe moral development.

Chapter 2

Describe the issues with human rights in Burma.

Describe traditional utilitarianism

Describe the criticism of rule utilitarianism

-Explain Immanuel Kant’s basis for moral rights

-Describe the difference between retributive justice and compensatory justice.

Chapter 3

-Describe examining the balance and debating the balance of economic systems

-Describe interpreting John Locke and criticisms of Lockean rights.

-Describe the invisible hand of market competition.

-Explain Interpreting Adam Smith and the criticism of Smith’s free markets.

-Briefly mention happened and what was the outcome in the Case Study 3.1: The GM Bailout.

Chapter 4

-Describe Perfect competition:

-equilibrium point and moral outcomes

-mechanics of perfectly competitive markets

-Describe monopoly competition

-monopoly control and profit

-monopolists as utility maximizer

-monopoly competition and ethics

-Explain Oligopolistic competition:

-how oligopolies form

-effects of oligopoly on consumers and markets

-Explain the Fraud Triangle components

Chapter 5

Explain the dimensions of pollution and resource depletion

-explain describe air pollution causes (i.e., greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide)

-explain water pollution causes

-explain land pollution

-describe depletion of minerals

-Explain the ethics of pollution control

-consumer responsibility

-ecological ethics

-environmental rights and absolute bans

-Briefly mention happened and what was the outcome in the Case Study 5.2: Gas or Grouse.

Essay must be written in APA style and have at least 15 references (APA style) with corresponding in-text citations. In other words, the last page, which is your references page, will have a minimum of 15 references. Make sure to include an introduction and a thoroughly developed conclusion. Turnitin similarity report must be less than 15%. Do not write in first person.

Submit via the course project Turnitin link in Week 6.