Business statistic, write a 8-page project analysis using given data


Business Statistic, write a 8-page project analysis using given data 

Write an 8-page, double spaced project (not include appendix).

The essay should include:

1. A one-page introduction section (summary of all aspects of the report)

2. Analysis and Methods (Main body of the report, provide findings from analyzing the data set, including thoughts, comments and answer.) Maximize the use of charts and minimize the use of tables

3. Conclusion (summarize all your findings, discuss the limitations of your study)

4. Appendices (unlimited length)

Important Clue:
1. Full report may be up to ten pages (double-spaced) not including the Appendices
2. Please include additional explanations of your findings in plain English, as if it is to be presented to your boss who is not interested in statistical details.
3. You may use Excel or SPSS statistical software to do the analysis.

4. It should not be written like answers to homework problems.

hello, please read the following attachment in order:

1. project outline

2. project content questions

3. data