Coca cola company: organizational culture and change

Use the attached document to complete all of the weekly projects. Refer to complete project guidelines found on the attached document.




Due Week 6:Part E: Organizational Culture and Change


  • Conduct and present research that evaluates the current culture of the organization. 
  • Provide examples of how environmental forces have impacted the organization. 
  • Identify how the organization accepts or embraces change from these forces.


·       minimum 500 words


·       Include an abstract and use PROPER APA


·       minimum of 4 references from scholarly or peer-reviewed journals




Comments: “This is an excellent paper. The paper contained an introduction, supporting body and conclusion. You evaluated the leadership style fostered in your chosen organization. Your ideas were arranged logically to support your argument and flowed smoothly from one to another. You described how leaders within your organization are developed. You did provide examples of its effectiveness and ineffectiveness. You did analyze how the organizational structure manifests itself within the organization. There were minimal spelling and mechanical errors. You did have at least four in-text citations from scholarly journals. You linked the concepts from the discussion into the paper. Very well done! Again, this is an excellent paper.”