Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Bachelor of Applied Science -Supervision and Management Program.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Bachelor of Applied Science -Supervision and Management Program. Bachelor of Applied Science -Supervision and Management Program – How This Program Will Enhance My Career Being a mother teaches a person to think of others before thinking of one’s self. It teaches a person to work as part of team, to stay on top of hundred of tasks, and to motivate other people. Achieving a Bachelor of Applied Science will give me the fundamentals necessary to take the life skills I have acquired as a wife and mother, and apply those skills in managing people in a corporate environment. The program will enhance my career by allowing me to express my skills I’ve learned raising my family, develop my leadership abilities, and give me the ability to confidently follow my dreams.

As a mother of three [boys? Girls? – insert something like “three beautiful girls” or “three intelligent boys”—you can describe them here], I stay on the go. I juggle a busy schedule and face not only my own challenges, but also the challenge of motivating my children. I have developed routines and schedules to encourage development of good life habits, such as regular cleaning and timely completion of school work. Also, I believe in positive reinforcement, rewording my children for taking initiative to complete tasks on their own. In essence, I have developed a management style with my family that I believe can be applied on a larger scale to my career, making me an effective manager or supervisor. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management will allow me to use the motivational and management skills I have honed in a family environment.

The program will allow me to take another step forward, moving my skills as a wife and mother into my career by allowing me to work closely with both respected instructors and my peers in order to become a more effective leader. During my childhood, one teacher comes to mind that motivated me to learn and become the person that I am. I believe that this teacher could reach me because he had learned effective motivational and leadership skills, and I hope to emulate this model and to inspire others to do the same. I have a natural talent for working with people, and it is my goal to interact with instructors and peers in this program to become an effective leader, a valuable skill which will improve my career.

As a young woman—and like many young women in today’s workforce—I often felt less secure than my more experienced and seasoned coworkers. One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned as I have grown older is that a person’s worth is not determined my age or intelligence, but by an individual’s desire and motivation to improve their self and their organization. By completing the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management program, I will demonstrate that I am motivated to succeed in my career as well as my personal life. This will give me the confidence to share my experience and knowledge as an effective manager, one with the ability to help other people express themselves. In this program and in my management career, I hope to increase my confidence and build a management style that promotes confidence in other people as well. By building my own confidence, and supporting the confidence of those around me, I will have the ability to improve my career and realize my dreams.

My experience in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management program will allow me to refine the talents I have learned through with my family and job, and to apply those skills to build a successful career. In addition, I will be able to become a more effective leader, one who leads by example and positive reinforcement. Completion of this program has great personal significance to me, and will increase my confidence in myself and my managerial abilities. Moreover, I believe that this program can help me to inspire confidence in other people, both my family and coworkers, motivating those around me to be efficient and successful as well.