Compose a 2250 words assignment on hershy chocolate bar. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2250 words assignment on hershy chocolate bar. Needs to be plagiarism free! ire of humans to find something sweet to consume dates back to primitive times.Chocolate traces its history to the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and the Chinese. However, during that period, it was considered a luxurious treat that only few could afford. It evolved from ancient forms to the modern industry centered in Europe. It evolved because of the increased availability of sugar. The increased availability transformed it from an ancient delight into a main modern confectionery industry. The modern industry produces a relatively cheaper food that many people enjoy. This paper will, therefore, analyze the strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies, consumer behaviors, as well as, the branding strategies that may be associated with Hershey Foods Corporation.

The first confectioners in United States were the Dutch bakers of New Amsterdam which were later named New York. There were about 1000 manufacturers in the US at the beginning of the twentieth century. They offered employment to about 27000 workers through which they managed to register total sales of about $60million annually. Until the 1900s, the common equipments that would be used in these enterprises were mainly of kettles, shallow trays, hand cutters, starch boards and hand printers. Compared to the current equipment most of these equipment could be termed inefficient. Efficiency increased with the introduction of European candy manufacturing inventions. They enabled production of candy in large quantities at a more pocket friendly price (Schiffman et al, 2006). This greatly improved sanitary conditions in the manufacturing industries, especially, to the candy manufactures. Besides, the increase in production played a significant role in meet the growing demand for chocolate. The First and the Second World War also contributed to the mass production of candy considering candy was consumed by the armies in the war fields.

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