Compose a 3500 words assignment on labour process theory. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 3500 words assignment on labour process theory. Needs to be plagiarism free! This research will begin with the statement that Labour Process Theory (LBT) is a concept that proposes the practices undertaken by the management to control the workforce within the organizational environment and ensure utmost productivity. It is believed that from the past few decades, LPT has been a core subject of the Critical Management Studies (CMS) that was formed by Harry Braverman in the year 1970 using the ideas developed by Karl Marx. Since its introduction in the stream of modern management ideologies, LPT has delivered huge contribution in analyzing the work performed within the organization, as per the desired level of productivity and hence, creating a work organization. LPT was created following the ideologies of Marx that suggest the fundamental aspect for comprehending the work organization is based upon the structure of the community within which the organization is functioning instead of human psychology. LPT primarily emphasizes on how individuals work in an organization, what/who controls the work done by these individuals, what are the skills used by these individuals when carrying out their work and in what ways are those individuals remunerated for the work they have done. LBT has been successful in creating a linkage with the management strategy of an organization through its involvement and set of assumptions. LPT provides an understanding regarding how the management of an organization limits the power of the working class who have the skills to carry out the given task. LPT is a conceptual approach that has been in use, as per the capitalist method of production that provides a deep insight into worker-management relations in the workplace. Considering its applicability, it is also perceived that LPT causes serious insights in today’s world of work, management control issues and political aspects in the workplace. In relation to the capitalists approach used in LPT, managerial control in the workplace has been a highly debated topic.

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