Compose a 500 words assignment on fast media report. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 500 words assignment on fast media report. Needs to be plagiarism free! Fast Media Report al Affiliation) Not consuming any media for eight hours was the most terrifying thing that can be imagined in today’s life. At the beginning of the exercise, I was feeling good and thought that life will be as normal. However as time went by, I noticed that my mood changed and I started experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Without communicating to my family, friends, and colleagues, I felt so lonely and secluded and the life was almost unbearable (Simon, 2010). It was very difficult to keep up without any of the social media networks, not knowing how your friends and family are now and then, in addition to missing the details and information that the social media provides.

The media that was most difficult to avoid was the phone. This is because with the phone am able to access internet, emailing, text messaging, face book and tweeting. In addition, am able to stay in touch with my family members, friends, and colleagues in all corners of the planet with so much ease and at the same time manage projects with teams in different cities within the shortest time possible. Without the phone, I missed my old routine of constant checking my emails, Facebook, and texting with my friends and colleagues. I love the information sharing through the social media platforms and so life without it was very intriguing to me (Simon, 2010).

Midway through the exercise, I was feeling isolated and lonely. I imagined that I already had received several calls that I could not answer. I felt the urge and need to check my emails and could only imagine the news and information I was missing in face book and other social media platforms. The dependency was sickening and sucking and I felt that I was on a deserted island where nobody cared about my well-being. The temptation to access the social media platforms kept occurring almost all the time during the eight hours. The eight hours seemed like a month to me and I could not wait to go back to my old routine of social networking, text messaging, emailing, and keeping in touch with all the people I interacted with (Simon, 2010).

The media that I missed most was my phone. It was hard for me to go without listening to music that I have stored in my phone. Listening to music when am walking, studying or just doing some chores around the house helps in keeping my moods right. Lack of music forced me to interact with people, open up conversations with people I never used to interact with just to fix my moods. A background that is too quite makes it difficult for me to focus or concentrate on what am doing and other things that are not even relevant keep carrying my mind away. The background noise of my music keeps me focused and relaxed throughout the day together with fixing my mind.

At the conclusion of the exercise, I learnt that am deeply addicted to the social media platforms. However, I found out that I become more social in real life without the social media. This is because am able to have actual conversations with other people in order to avoid boredom and loneliness. In addition, I was able to appreciate the presence and the role played by the social media platforms in today’s life for helping people to remain connected with their family members, friends, and colleagues despite the distance between them. One is able to accomplish projects, plans, and timelines easily and faster through the social media platforms (Simon, 2010).


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