Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses consequences and significance report.

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses consequences and significance report. Once they get penetrated into the human body, destroy biological cells and hence process as a whole(Cohen). These radiations are the cause of cancer in most of the patients. whereas genetic disorders produced by these radiations are relatively less frightening.

Nuclear power used in nuclear plants apparently seems to be a clean source of energy but it really is not. Like thermal power plants, nuclear power plants also need sinks for transferring heat energy and reduce temperature of the fluid. In case of nuclear reactors, 60 to 70% of energy is rejected into the environment and is not used by the system(Jaffer). This energy is either expelled out of the system by developing artificial lakes or reservoirs or by making use of natural resources. In such cases, the aquatic life is adversely affected and ecosystem is destroyed. Another drawback of using natural water bodies as a heat sink for nuclear reactors is that the water in rivers and lakes gets heated which when falls into the seas thus resulting in sudden climatic changes that may result in calamities. Also increased temperature has resulted in faster melting down process of glaciers and northern and southern caps, thus resulting in increased sea level.

A nuclear reactor is not only a threat to the environment due to the emission of excess radiations into the environment, but it also emits hazardous gases into the environment. A nuclear reactor makes use of diesel generators for providing emergency backup system. These generators are also used at least once a month to carry out maintenance processes and thus result in the production of excess GHG emissions into the atmosphere. Not only this, nuclear reactors generate radioactive gaseous emission as well into the environment.

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