Criminal justice | Criminal homework help

Recall your Introduction to Criminal Justice class and the subject of the policing history. You probably remember the three eras of policing (also you can find this topic on our textbook): the political, professional/reform, and community eras.

Besides the periodization, you may also be familiar with the various types of policing that have emerged or been popularized in the United States, particularly since mid-1990s, such as zero tolerance policing, Homeland Security, evidence-based policing, police militarization, etc.

Do you agree with that we live in the community policing era? Why or why not? Or, do you agree with that American policing already entered into a new era? If so, how do you call or name this new era, and why? Do your own research to support your idea. Share your thoughts and reasons by posting a conversation (at least 150 words in length excluding quotes) .