Dietary guidelines assignment 20 points part 1 (10 points) for


Dietary Guidelines Assignment 

20 points

Part 1 (10 points)

For this assignment you will need to review the following materials: The information on Dietary Guidelines in your textbook beginning on page 40, The executive summary for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015,  nutrition professor Marion Nestle’s perspective on the new guidelines, the New York Times take on the guidelines and Time Magazine’s collection of reactions

In the articles listed above, authors compliment some parts of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 and the educational materials while criticizing other parts. 

Choose one criticism or compliment to discuss. 

1. State whether or not you agree with the opinion stated. Be specific in citing specific reasons why you do or do not agree and support your judgment by using 2 reliable resources to provide evidence for your point of view.

2. Cite your resources in a works cited section using MLA or APA format.

Part 2 (10 points)

Visit the MyPlate website to learn more about this dietary planning tool.

1. Do you feel this would help to guide you in eating a healthy diet? State specific reasons why or why not as you answer this question. 

2. And the next MyPlate is…? It’s your turn to develop educational material that will help Americans eat a healthy diet. 

· Choose and state your target audience (young children, teens, adults, older adults). 

· Your material should focus on specific food choices (e.g. not just eat more grains, but eat more quinoa that is a whole grain) and correct at least one of the criticisms discussed in the articles. 

· Develop your educational material. It can be pictures, prezi or Power Point presentations, songs, a graphic like MyPlate, etc.