Dq / it project management

ASSIGNMENT1 1. What is involved in project scope management, and why is good project scope management so important on IT projects? 2. What is involved in collecting requirements for a project? Why is it often difficult to do? 3. Discuss the process of defining project scope in more detail as a project progresses going from information in a project charter to a project scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary. 4. Describe different ways to develop a WBS and explain why it is often so difficult to do. 5. What is the main technique used for validating scope? Give an example of scope validation on a project. ASSIGNMENT2 4. How does activity resource estimating affect estimating activity durations? 5. Explain the difference between estimating activity durations and estimating the effort required to perform an activity. 6. Explain the following schedule development tools and concepts: Gantt charts, critical path method, PERT, and critical chain scheduling. 7. What do you think about adding slack to individual task estimates ( sometimes called padding estimates)? What do you think about adding a project buffer for the entire project, as critical chain scheduling suggests? What are some ethical considerations when using slack and buffers?