Fix paper -deliverable 5 | Statistics homework help

Here is what the professor says needs fixed: 

You correctly solved a majority of the problems and complete and detailed steps are provided to explain how to solve each.  Your explanations demonstrate a proficient understanding of most of the statistical concepts and terminology, but with some errors.  All variables, equations, and expressions are properly formatted.

One key error on both of these examples is in your alternative hypotheses, neither of these should be two-tailed tests.  You also have the incorrect degrees of freedom for the test statistic in the first example and the incorrect P-Value in the second example.

Here is the assignment: 


Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters based on sample statistics using both Critical Regions and P-Values, and be able to state results in a non-technical way that can be understood by consumers of the data instead of statisticians.

Student Profile

You are a statistician working for a drug company. A few new scientists have been hired by your company. They are experts in pharmacology, but are not experts in doing statistical studies, so you will explain to them how statistical studies are done when testing two samples for the effectiveness of a new drug. The two samples can be dependent or independent, and you will explain the difference.

Concept being Studied

Your focus is on hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for two populations using two samples, some of which are independent and some of which are dependent. These concepts are an extension of hypothesis testing and confidence intervals which use statistics from one sample to make conclusions about population parameters.

What to Submit

Your research and analysis should be presented on the Word document provided. All calculations should be provided on a separate Excel workbook that should be submitted to your boss as well.

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