.for your assigned arbitration case, you will be required to take on


.For your assigned arbitration case, you will be required to take on the role of an arbitrator and rule on a Collective Bargaining Agreement issue between management and the union.The cases are in the textbook and present you with the facts, issues, and positions of the parties involved in the labor dispute. The specific articles in the contract in question are also presented.Remember, these disputes are regarding specific articles within a CBA or contract between management and the union. As an arbitrator, your decision is final; therefore it is important that you consider the facts and rule based on what is stated contractually in the CBA.Personal feelings should not weigh-in to your decision. Each case asks the same three questions. You will be required to support your decision, similar to that of an arbitrator.You will also make recommendations to the union and employer to avoid similar conflicts in the future.You should address your decision to the employer and the union.

Paper Format:

This is a typed, double spaced paper with one inch margins and a font no greater than 12 point.The paper has a separate title page that includes the case name, student’s name, course name and number, section, date and professor’s name.I am looking for content quality.Reponses will be graded the following 4 factors:

40 pointsDegree to which you provide a logical, concrete and well thought-out decision to the issues presented.

30 points Degree to which you explain the relevant provisions of the CBA as applied to the facts of this case dictate your award.

20 points Degree to which you provide detailed and well thought-out actions that the employer and union could have taken to avoid the conflict.What recommendations do you make for the future?

10 pointsSound Grammatical Structure (minimum spelling and structure errors)

100 Total Points

2. Arbitration cases will be presented in class.You will be required to create a presentation that summarizes your decision in a condensed and concise format.The presentation should be approximately 10 minutes in duration. You must answer at least 2 questions from other students or you will loose 10 points off your grade for this assignment!!

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