Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on My Activities. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on My Activities. It needs to be at least 500 words. My personal activities I am a hardworking and a highly motivated individual, who per takes various personal activities indifferent fields. My activities play a significant role in my life. I believe that the activities will eventually drive me to become not only an experienced, but also a qualified person in my community. I engaged in various activities for the past years, and the activities have shaped my life. My personal activities have made me an excellent admin skill as well as guiding me how to interact with my clients in different fields of works.

In 2007, I engaged in community volunteer activities. In this case, I involved myself in cleaning the community waste since this is the recommended way of presenting environmental problems in the media. I also involved myself in conservation of the environment since it is my major area of interest. When a chance is available, I enjoy working in the field.

Also, in the same 2007, I joined in the composition contest at the International Alkema Contest (IACC). I succeeded in the first IACC edition. The composers irrespective of the age could subscribe to the contest. The composition contest contained all styles of preferable classical music with popular music like rock, folk, pop, and jazz. I received the guitar and the piano award after being the best pianist.

In 2008, I was among the competitors in the National Mathematics competition. I managed to enter the semi-finals that were much tougher that I could expect. The competition consisted of 20 multiple choices with a two division grading criteria. I managed to win the competition and awarded $1000.

In 2009, I engaged in robot composition. As a group of five students, we designed a team brand robot which was programmed to perform instructed tasks. We gained popularity from the competition since it was successful. The robot could do minor mathematical calculations within a restricted time limit.

In 2010, I saw old men struggling at homes due to their poor health. I took the priority to join in community volunteer activities in order to nurse the old men at home. Most of the men were unresponsive, depressed, and mentally disturbed due to health and family issues. As a group of volunteers, we were able to nurse them through special guidance.

In early 2011, I gave not only a motivational talk, but also an educational guidance basing on career choices among the high school students. I was able to visit Thomas Jefferson High School for science and Technology and Oxford Academy in US for the talk and guidance.

In 2012, I joined the protective initiative. The objective of the protection initiative was to protect small animals. The club was involving to protecting small animals like cat at home from domestic harassment such as denial of food. We were promoting the initiative through visiting homes and holding public rallies on how to protect small animals.

In 2013, I joined a pediatric volunteer activity. I was able to give advice to adolescents in the society. The objective of the initiative was to tell the reality to the selected audience on the cause and effects of HIV/AIDS.

My sequences of personal activities were successful irrespective of the minor challenges. Such challenges include poor climatic conditions such as rain, failure of some audience to attend my activities and poor keeping of time by the expected audience.