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 Hello, I go by xxxx and my major is Psychology with concentration in Mental Health. I recently moved to Ohio from Maine. Huge differences in the surroundings along with diversity in this small community. I grew up in a very tight religious organization that was very strict on your thoughts and actions. There was no thinking outside of the box or being different at all from the others. It took years of real-life experiences and people for me to work through those layers and become more diverse. Diversity to me means different people with different feelings, sexual orientation, and beliefs to name a few. It has impacted my life in that when we moved here, it is a very conservative area, and it gives off the vibes that they are not accepting of the LGBT community or anyone different than they are. We moved from an area that was extremely out and welcoming to everyone so it’s been an adjustment. From our readings this week, I can see that there is so much more to diversity and different dimensions. There is a lot more for me to learn. The influence that diversity will have on my profession will be important because I will be working with all kinds of diversity, and it is important for me to understand them to help them the best way I can.