I need some assistance with these assignment. comparison of the poet sylvia plath with emily bronte Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. comparison of the poet sylvia plath with emily bronte Thank you in advance for the help! This research will begin with the statement that Sylvia Plath has been proclaimed as one of the most read personalities of the 21st century through the unique presentation of the subjects which contributed to the popularity of the confessional poetry. Both the life and the works of the poet have embarked the readers of the literature at a flux. The works and life of Plath are often associated with history- the Nazi period in which she lived. The Nazi versus Jews elements were personally put into her life as she thinks that she has become a mixture of both as born to a Nazi father and Jewish mother. The transfusion of both the elements was present in the works of the Plath. The poetical genius of Plath was often compared to the classic writer, Emile Bronte who popularized the Gothic genres in English. Both the writers have some elements in common- the depressed state and the treatment of the subject matters- death. So the individual seclusion, which both of them had witnessed in their life, could be shown its reflection in their works. Both Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) and Emily Bronte (1818-1848) had many similar experiences in their life which showed its counterparts in their writing. Sylvia Plath was a person who wandered through experiences to see her father’s counterpart in life as her father Otto Plath has died at her age of eight. Though the marriage of her with Ted Hughes has made in her a kind of solution soon it turned to become a downfall. Emily Bronte, though not married had affected with the loss of her mother when she was only three. The writer, Susan Kavaler-Adler says in her book, The Creative Mystique: from red shoes frenzy to love and creativity that Emile Bronte like Sylvia Plath had the experience of “separation-individualism” (Kavaler-Adler 11). Both of them had their influence on their father. Susan Kavaler-Adler further says that most women artists like Emily Bronte, “suffered a primal loss of the mother which harshly influenced the way the father was internalized and deployed in the internal world” (Kavaler-Adler 11). These two writers represented the age at which they lived. The pseudonym of Emily Bronte, Ellis Bell and the only novel of Plath, ‘The Bell Jar,’ take some kind of comparison. Plath had published the novel under the pseudonym, Victoria Lucas. The writers used the pseudonym in order to conceal their true identity to the then readers. Sylvia Plath, a modern writer had more exposure to the world whereas Bronte was put inside her house. The series of death that Emily witnessed in her life has made her tantalize with the effects of death in her. It was the insanitary condition of the house of Bronte which inflicted the symptoms of tuberculosis and eventually her death in 1848. The presentation of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw in the novel, Wuthering heights of Emily Bronte posthumously published in 1847, is a clear cut narrative description of the Gothic Middle English ages. The novel set in the moor background depicts the social milieu of the period in which she lived. She was rather afraid towards the concept of marriage which remains to be a crucial aspect in her personal life. U.C. Knoepflamacher speaks out, “The sexual consummation of marriage is consistently depicted as dangerous by Bronte” (Knoepflmacher 92). The personal life of the author could be seen at short intervals in the novel The Wuthering heights. The second dream of Lockwood allows plunging into the narrative of the life between Heathcliff and Catherine culminating the tragic incidents in it. The life of Plath is very clear in her work, The Bell Jar, an autobiographical novel. It puts forward the mental trauma of the author in her life.

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