Inspired by your human biology class, you have become a


  1. Inspired by your Human Biology class, you have become a world-renowned scientist (we are so proud to know you!) You have discovered a gene, which you have named zippy, that when mutated is responsible for a form of cancer that has an extremely high mortality rate. The protein produced by the mutant form of zippy is half as active as the normal (non-mutated) form.
    1. At which point along the gene expression pipeline is the zippy gene dysregulated? In other words, where exactly does the problem occur that causes the mutant form of zippy?
    2. What is a likely function of the protein produced by the normal (non-mutated) version of the zippy gene? Please explain your answer using the information provided in the prompt.
    3. Why are cancers so dangerous? What would cause a cancer to have a high mortality rate? 

4.  As a world-renowned scientist, you have limitless funds and resources at your disposal. Please propose and explain a solution to prevent or cure this cancer. The sky is the limit here! You may go in any direction, as long as your answer does not violate our current understanding of biology (so, you cannot just make-up a new organelle that does not exist in real life!)