Introduction and annotated bibliography | Marketing homework help

A brief introduction describing the specific topic you selected to investigate (within the broad context of viral advertising). Make sure you take into account the comments/suggestions and feedback you received in Assignment I. This is your chance to improve and refine it.

Select three (3) sources from the bibliographic list and write annotation for all three according to the Guide to Annotated Bibliography 

Each annotated bibliography should be under 120-words 

  • Write your annotation in paragraph format
  • Provide a summary of the scope, main points, and central theme of the article
  • Describe any conclusions that can be drawn from the article
  • Comment on the intended audience
  • Compare or contrast this source with another you have cited
  • Point out any notable biases or gaps you detect
  • Evaluate and explain why this source is relevant or suitable for your topic

Length and format of paper:

A Word doc, double-spaced 12 pts.

The introduction of your selected topic for research should be under one (1) page long.