Management aptitude 2 | Management homework help


Introduction: What is the objective or purpose in taking this self-assessment to identify management aptitude?

Results: Explain the management aptitude scores and which management theory you can apply in a contemporary organizational context.

The scores were as follows: Technical 16 Conceptual 14 and Human 7

Interpretation: Interpret and discuss which management theory skills you currently practice; analyze areas of strength and weakness. Evaluate how this self-assessment adds value to your plans to identify and attain goals for future management performance.

Conclusion: Under what conditions could your management weakness hinder your success as a leader or present challenges as a leader? Under what conditions would your management strengths be useful in an organizational situation? Evaluate which management skills you think are most valuable and relevant in becoming an effective manager who can respond to organizational challenges in the 21st century.

You must use at least two scholarly, high-quality, and current sources in addition to your course materials. Peer-reviewed academic articles, articles published in journals, textbooks.

Textbook used is Management by Richard Daft