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General Instructions:

Each assignment is to be submitted as a single Microsoft Word Document (.doc) using BlackBoard. All sections of each assignment must be handed in the one submission. Every submission must have a header that contains your name, login ID, and the assignment number. Answers to Text Exercises must be sufficient to completely respond to the exercise. All homework is to be submitted in Word format. If there are diagrams or reports, do a screen print, then copy and paste into your word document.

STUDENT NOTE: Please follow the instructions above. If you have enough database systems and data warehousing knowledge, you will be more than able to answer the previous questions fast.

I am attaching the books just in case you require them and a sample assignment.


Data Warehousing Text

Exercise #2 pg. 120
You are the vice president of marketing for a nation-wide appliance manufacturer with three production plants. Describe any three different ways you will tend to analyze your sales. What are the business dimensions for your analysis?

Exercise #4 pg. 137-138
You are the manager for the data warehouse project at a retail chain with stores all across the country and users in every store. How will you ensure that all the details necessary to decide on the DBMS are gathered during the requirements phase? Write a memo to the Senior Analyst directly responsible to coordinate the requirements definition phase.

Exercise #2 pg 161
You have recently been promoted to administrator for the data warehouse of a nationwide automobile insurance company. You are asked to prepare a checklist for selecting a proper vendor tool to help you with the data warehouse administration. Make a list of the functions in the management and control component of your data warehouse architecture. Use this list to derive the tool-selection checklist.

Exercise #5 pg. 221
As the data acquisition specialist, what types of metadata can help you? Choose one of the data acquisition processes and explain the role of metadata in that process3

Exercise #3 pg. 248
What is a factless fact table? Design a simple STAR schema with a factless fact table to track patients in a hospital by diagnostic procedures and time.

Business Intelligence Text

Application Case 3.8 – Question 1,2,3. page 138-139
1. Who are the customers for Why is customer satisfaction a very important part of their business?

2. How did improve customer satisfaction with scorecards?

3. What were the challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results?


Data Warehousing Text

Exercise #2 pg. 279
Assume you are in the insurance business. Find two examples of type 2 slowly changing dimensions in that business. As an analyst on the project, write the specifications for applying the type 2 changes to the data warehouse with regard to the two examples.

Exercise #5 pg. 314
You are the staging area expert on the project team for a large toy manufacturer. Discuss the four modes of applying data to the data warehouse. Select the modes you want to use for your data warehouse and explain the reasons for your selection.

Exercise #2 pg. 337
Assume that you are the data quality expert on the data warehouse project team for a large financial institution with many legacy systems dating back to the 1970’s. Review the types of data quality problems you are likely to have and make suggestions on how to deal with those.

Exercise #2 Page 372
Compare the usage and value of information in the data warehouse with those in operational systems. Explain the major differences. Discuss and give examples.
Exercise #2 Page 405
As a senior analyst on the project team of a publishing company exploring the options for a data warehouse, make a case for OLAP. Describe the merits of OLAP and how it will be essential in your environment.

Exercise #2 Page 487
Prepare an outline for a standards manual for your data warehouse. Consider all types of objects and their naming conventions. Indicate why standards are important. Produce a detailed table of contents.


Data Warehousing Text
Exercise #5 Page 427
As the web specialist on the project team, prepare a document highlighting the major considerations for Web-enabling your data warehouse. Just list the considerations, not the implementation techniques.

Exercise #5 Page 460
In your project you are responsible for analyzing the requirements and selecting a toolset for data mining. Make a list of the criteria you will use for the toolset selection. Briefly explain why each criterion is necessary.

Exercise #4 Page 509
What are the considerations for deploying the data warehouse in stages? Under what circumstances is staged deployment recommended? Describe how you will plan to determine the stages. 

Exercise #2 Page 525
You are specifically assigned to improve the query performance in your data warehouse deployed about six months ago. How will you plan for the assignment? What are the types of statistics you will need? Create a plan.

Business Intelligence Text
Question 14 Page 197
What are the privacy issues with data mining? Do you think they are substantial?
Application Case 5.6 –
Questions 1,2 -. page 231-232
1. How did Whirlpool use capabilities of text analytics to better understand their customers and improve product offerings?

2. What were the challenges, the proposed solution, and the obtained results?