Need an research paper on chinese film. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on chinese film. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the essay, I will be using the film, Comrades: Almost a Love Story (Chan, 1996), in order to illustrate how individuals’ lives or identities are transformed in certain ways in the film for being a fan of the popular star. Using the characters’ Li Xiao Ju and Li Qiao, I will examine how their lives have been transformed for being fans of a certain star in the movie.

The film spans over several years that involve Li Xiao, who is a Mainlander moving to Hong Kong in order to get himself a job, and Li Qiao, also a Mainlander moves to Hong Kong and tries to be a successful entrepreneur through the selling of Teresa Teng’s cassette tapes and in search for a better live (Peter, 1996). She also does other odd jobs such as selling flowers and other employments. Li Xiao is assisted by his aunt in getting a job as a delivery man. Li Xiao has moved to Hong Kong in hopes of earning enough money that will enable him to go back home in order to marry his fiancé. While Li Xiao seems to be earnest and uncertain in regards to things Li Qiao, on the other hand, is smooth, quick and efficient when setting and following her dream and goals. Their difference in their personal traits is also evident in the type of wage earnings that each assumes when they arrive in Hong Kong.

As we will come to find out in the film, theyre different in person trait will because of Li Qiao’s live transformation by the songs of Teresa Teng. Because of how Li Qiao emulates, and her passion for Teresa as she is associated with popular culture makes her be an ambitious and hardworking lady. It is clear that the life of Li Qiao has been transformed in some way for being a fan of a popular star. As an immigrant, she does not have any apparent kin who could help her get a job or an apartment.

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