Need an research paper on the key developments in social policy. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the key developments in social policy. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. The present paper aims to analyze and evaluate the important developments the New Labour administration had introduced and observed in the social policy with regards to addressing the challenges of child poverty and child abuse since 1997 onward in the light of the implication of the social policy on the overall welfare of the children. Hence, the paper will concentrate on the progress witnessed by the UK authorities in respect of improving the condition of the children. (Full stop) in order to protect them from becoming the victim of poverty and abuse for the future days to come. The main objective behind exploring the social policy with regards to the children includes the significant increase the British society has witnessed in the poverty level as well as child abuse in the country during the last few years. Since the new social policy had been devised’to combat’’ to combat with child abuse and child poverty, failure in overcoming both these problems, serves as a great challenge on the part of the British government. The paper will elaborate on social policy, and different strategies adopted by the UK administration in respect of the improvements being made in it in the wake of revising these policies in the best interest of the public at large. Finally, the evaluation of the social policy on children will be made in the light of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Their purpose was to investigate rather than into the validity of the social policy on the one side, and the functioning of the same on the other. Introduction: Social policy simply refers to all the strategies and schemes articulated and implemented by the authorities with the aim of bringing in improvements in one or all areas related to the individual and collective well-being of the members of society in general. “Social policies” according to Prof. Macbeth, “are connected with the right ordering of the network of relationships between men and women who live together in societies, or with the principles which should govern the activities of individuals or groups, so far they affect the lives and interests of other people” (1957:1). Vargas-Hernandez et al. define social policy to be the “guidelines and interventions for the changing, maintenance or creation of living conditions that are conducive to human welfare” (2011:287). It includes the upbringing of the people in the areas like food, clothing, shelter, health, education, housing, employment and protection for all without discrimination. Consequently, social policies are devised by keeping in view the welfare and socio-economic uplift of the masses in various areas of life. and without observing any prejudice with regards to to the class, caste, creed, ethnicity, race, region, religion, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status of the members of society. The authorities make plans y focusing on the social issues challenging the members of society on the one side, and for combating with the social evils prevailing in the culture on the other.&nbsp.

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