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Social media is simply huge in America today. Social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are growing rapidly, and there are many participants from the healthcare professional community.

As a director of marketing for a community hospital, how would you utilize social media to promote the services of your organization? How would you ensure that your healthcare professionals are utilizing social media safely and avoiding illegal disclosure of patient protected health information?

Part 2


Review Case Study 11.1 in your textbook on pp. 326–327, and address the questions that are provided. In essay format, provide a complete and detailed response to each question. You are required to use your textbook as source material for your essay. Each of the responses should be compiled into a document that consists of at least two pages. Your essay should address the following:

  1. What demographics did VBS seek to penetrate, and why did VBS think an innovative method would be required to do so?
  2. In addition to Facebook, what other forms of social media might have VBS employed? What could VBS had done to enhance the campaign?
  3. What characteristics of Facebook and other social networks make these outlets ideal for this type of campaign?
  4. How effective was the VBS campaign, and how do the results compare with what might be expected using traditional marketing methods?