Need help with my writing homework on Adaptive Social Networks. Write a 1000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Adaptive Social Networks. Write a 1000 word paper answering; to conduct an experiment on the development of a referral system. The referral system is to support interaction of agents with others by directing users to those agents who may provide the information they need. 1A research was done on an architecture that is fully distributed and has agents who maintain privacy and autonomy from its users.

2In 1997, Kautz and the group developed methods of graph analysis for referral systems where the person with the required information is found by use of referral chains. The informal person-to-person social networks are used to construct what is termed as the ‘referral chains of request. 3According to Bin Yu et al., the research conducted by Kautz et al. concentrated more on the problem of referral information generation at the expense of the dynamic aspects of referral systems. The aim of the research conducted by Bin Yu et al. was to study the dynamics of social structures which most referral systems studied. The agents in their architecture learn models of each other in terms of sociability and expertise.

They described an adaptive social network for information access that is intended to be an accurate, dynamic and evolving multi agent system that can achieve the effect of informal social networks that exist in an organization or community. In it, there is a distinction between a user’s interest and their expertise.

Each user is associated with a personal agent. This agent is the first to see the user’s queries. He/she then decides the contacts to which the queries are sent. The agent that receives the query then decides if it suits its user and lets them see it. Alternatively, the receiving agent can respond with referrals to other users. The receiving user or agent can also choose not to respond in any way and discard the query.

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