Need help with my writing homework on Thinking about literature review. Write a 250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Thinking about literature review. Write a 250 word paper answering; Literature Review The use of computer networks has contributed to many advantages especially language learners (Chen et al., 2010). Language learners are able to retrieve and publish texts and multimedia materials through computer networks. Moreover, languages learners are able to communicate within and beyond classroom. Network-Based Language Teaching (NBTL) refers to the use of computers connected to a local or global network communication (Chen et al., 2010). The research of NBLT explores what happens when learners come together with media, texts and other speakers of the language through computer interactions.

Technology and educational change have led to the rise of NBLT, which uses internet hence. increasing literacy in the information. However, Postman (1993) condemns that use of computers for having led to lose of confidence in human judgement and subjectivity. Nevertheless, the invention of internet has enabled students to use the Web for their research. Indisputably, a majority of students use the internet to begin their research assignment (Chen et al., 2010). The distance students are not able to reach their various libraries in order to access the books with relevant information (Chen et al., 2010). These students therefore get the information for research work from the internet.

Neil Postman (1993) argues that technology has a monopoly of power in our society especially given that the society no longer use technology as a support system but because it is shaped by it. Postman argues that technology in communication affects the education as well as monopolizing reading habits of the youth. Postman (1993) adds that technology has led to information chaos besides cultural changes especially through printing and broadcasting. Even though the use of the internet has led information literacy, Postman argues that invention of technology has disadvantages too (Postman, 1993).


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