Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: How to make university more international. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstr

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: How to make university more international. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How to Make More International This paper seeks to expound on how Universities can be upgraded to international status via the introduction of various activities, which make the University more accommodating to foreign students. This can only be done via the active involvement of all University stakeholders, including the administration & the students studying at the university.

Western Universities have lagged behind in this area due to the domination of native students. This is especially prevalent in the older Universities that have long traditions that limit their scope of integration. Foreign students, while in lectures, are comfortable sharing with their comrades. Once classes are up, they tend to retreat into their respective ethnic and cultural cocoons (Wu, 2012). This is damaging to the principle of integration of the academic community that University education is grounded on. Universities in the East and Africa have also introduced original, western sports curricular in their programs. This has led to foreign students feeling welcome. Universities in India, for example, have introduced Soccer to integrate foreign students from Europe. This has seen over 80% of Indian sub-continent Universities introducing Soccer into their sports curriculum (Suárez, 2007).

While lack of foreign sport is not a problem per se, it is a limitation that, if addressed in the right manner could have a dramatic impact on the University’s social community. The best way to introduce this into schools would be via provision of funding for the construction of new sport gymnasiums and playfields, while also increasing funding for research into these sports, since sports science is not a priority in Eastern countries (Suárez, 2007). Naturally, this would start with one sport that would act as the pilot project. A review of its success after a set period would act as a pointer at the potential foreign sport has in integrating foreign students fully into University programs & curriculum.

Introduction of foreign sports on campus grounds would achieve much more than integration. Foreign teams that specialize in this sport would provide funding for sport science studies, with native students benefiting from this via increased funds to the University sport kitty. Native students would also be encouraged to try their hand at these games. Examples include Tae Kwon do from Korea, Ping pa from China, and American football. Since some are Olympic Games, foreign athletes would use the facilities for training, thus giving native students who try their hand at these sports invaluable experience (Davis, 2012).

The Project, while benefiting the whole University, should mainly target foreign students. Therefore, they should be consulted. A class of recent high school graduates, which is the most excitable of the whole groups, is the recommendable group to start with. During their orientation into the campus, they could be introduced to the sorts. In addition, since they would be the longest beneficiaries of the project, who are presently on campus grounds, selling the idea to them would ensure they grew into the campus with the new idea (Suárez, 2007). This would help the idea take root. Outside the university, the medium is the best group to get on the University’s side. This is especially true because they would disseminate the information quickly and effectively, with foreign media eventually picking it up. A press conference, with the foreign students, preferably in the uniforms pertaining to tae kwon do, American Football, and Ping pa would be called to sensitize the community & the whole world as to the aims of the program. The community around Wolf Ville would also be included in the programs campaign. This is because they stand to gain the most in the long-term run, both socially and materially (Suárez, 2007).

In conclusion, the idea to introduce these games to Acadia would see the University grow, not only in population terms, but also in terms of diversity. This would enrich the University’s diversity, and lead to the exchange of ideas among cultures. It would also lead to the integration of different cultures into a melting pot of intelligentsia, which would be fulfilling one of the core principles of University education.


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