Species interactions | Environmental science homework help

Prepare: Studying Species interactions provides us with the knowledge of ecological processes and natural selection, which can be used in conservation management. As you have learned from the course materials and assignments, highly specific species interactions can exert selective pressure on each partner which can spur adaptations leading to co-evolution. If species partners are missing in an ecosystem, then populations can grow out of control or decline below a minimum viable threshold. The knowledge of these interactions can help us manage and restore habitats by ensuring that food webs are intact.

Review: After reading this week’s assigned materials, view the following videos to learn about different experimental approaches for studying species interactions and their impact on populations, food webs, and plant and animal communities. As you review the videos, reflect on how these methods and their results can be used to manage populations and habitats.

Write: Your post will be based on the alphabetical order of your last names and should be between 250-300 words. State the research question posed by the scientists in the study. Explain how their experimental design answered the research questions. Identify one unique methodology or research approach that was presented in the video. Explain why you think this approach is unique and indicate how it can be used to address an environmental problem

  1. review the following video and develop your post using two scholarly or credible sources in addition to your textbook. ◦ Western Researchers Find Fear Itself Affects Predator-prey Relationship (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.