Substance abuse (cross-cultural group) | Education homework help

For this assignment, you will choose a cross-cultural Netherlands Australia Samoan Canada Ireland Philippines Any of the African counties Russia or other eastern European counties Scotland Any of the Scandinavian counties LBGTQ Military Adolescent Be specific. For example, don’t just do Native Americans, but instead choose a specific tribe. This assignment will be based on the concepts of addictions counseling. Discuss the prevalence of drug use and abuse in that culture, treatment issues and approaches, familial aspects, cultural issues, and assessment issues specific to the ethno-cultural group that you have chosen. You will identify the group. Include the ethnocultural issues of the group, and present cross-cultural strategies for addressing the above issues. . Identify at least one resource that can help other counselors treat this population. Finally, you will conclude with a compatibility statement addressing what you have in common (I′m a Hispanic) and what is different with the culture that you have chosen. The paper should be 8 pages, not including references and title page.