The rational approach to organizational change


You  are a consultant working on a project for ABC Company. They are  undergoing an organizational restructuring and all employees will need  to deal with some degree of task process changes. One of your jobs on  this project is to assist in leading change. Describe your approach to  leading change, as well as the psychological processes of the employees  undergoing this change.

There are 8 Steps

1. Create-a sense of urgency.

2. Pull together the team. Build a guiding coalition

3. Communicate to understanding and buy in. Form a strategic vision and initiatives

4. Empower others to act. Enlist a volunteer army

5. Enable action by removing barriers

6. Generate. Produce short term units.

7. Don’t let up. Sustain acceleration

8. Create-a new culture. Institute change.

Sara= Shock anger rejection acceptance

The rational approach to organizational change

 c= D x  M x P > R

D = Dissatisfaction with status quo

M = Model; leaders vision of the future

P = Process; developing and implementing plan; change strategy

R = Resistance; people resisting the change

C = Amount of change

•The D x M x P is a multiplicative function. A value of 0 in one category will result in no change.

•To  increase the amount of change, leaders can increase level of  dissatisfaction, clarify vision, develop a clear plan for success, or  decrease resistance. 

The components of Organizational alignment

Vision – strategic goals

Capabilites- technical leadership

culture- norms shared values

systems- accounting, sales, hr, it

structure. span of control, team composition, hierarchy