The report comprise of a project brief document and 3 appendices


The report comprise of a Project Brief  document and 3 Appendices which will detail your plan to deliver a Music Festival or Food and Drink Festival.

An electronic copy of your coursework should be submitted online via Turnitin on Canvas to your named tutor. The coursework should not have your names but clearly provide your student ID number and word count with the module code clearly listed.

Students should use the following outline [TEMPLATE AND GUIDANCE AVAILABLE IN WEEK 2 CANVAS]:

1. .A Project Brief document of 2500 words which includes the following EIGHT sections:

o Purpose

o Background

o Project Definition

o Outline Business Case

o Customers Quality Expectations

o Acceptance Criteria

o Any Known Risks

o Outline Project Plan

o any evidence to demonstrate realistic examples e.g. typical costings, quotes, pricing, visuals

2. A fully developed project plan (Gantt Chart) in Microsoft Project that should show clearly the key stages, tasks, milestones and a critical path of the proposed project.  When printed, the plan should be no larger than one double sided sheet of A3 paper (2 pages)

3.  A risk assessment matrix (max 1 double sided sheet of A3 paper= 2 pages)

4. A stakeholder analysis matrix (max 1 double sided sheet of A3 paper= 2 pages)

Notes: Word Count: 2,500 +/- 10% (Any work submitted over the word/page count will not be marked.) The Project Brief should be no longer than 2500 words. The Project Plan (Gantt Chart), Risk Assessment Matrix and Stakeholder Analysis Matrix are appendices and are NOT included in the word count but have a maximum page limit.  These appendices WILL be marked. You should upload 4 separate files to Canvas.

· The word count excludes the words used in any tables, charts or diagrams.

· References must use the Harvard referencing system.

· Your project can mix both music and food & drink.

Usage of real world examples is vital.