The sociological perspective (or, imagination) emphasizes that our


The Sociological Perspective (or, Imagination) emphasizes that our social landscapes have an impact on how we think about the world around us, including our attitudes, behaviors, and even life chances. Based on the reading in your text, apply the Sociological Perspective to the Prins et al. article and the video, People Like Us.

In a thoughtful post of 2-3 paragraphs, consider the following questions (you may use these verbatim, or you may simply use them as a point of departure.

  1. What is the contradiction Prins et al. identify?
  2. Do socioeconomic class locations impact one’s ability to move up (or down) the class ladder? What examples can you cull from People Like Us?
  3. Where do you see examples of the study presented in the article in the film?

Minimum 2 sources in APA format

Minimum 300 words.

Film link: