Wk 1 – sociology matters [due mon]

What people, groups, or social institutions have been particularly important in helping you to define who you are?

Select one bullet question listed in the Sociology Matters box as your topic to illustrate these themes.

Write a 700-word essay that shows how sociology matters in helping to explain your chosen topic. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of this week’s readings by correctly applying Key Terms related to your selected topic and supporting your answers with appropriate examples from the course readings or your personal experience.

Organize your essay in paragraphs with introduction, body, and conclusion sections.

Quoted and paraphrased material should be less than 30 percent of your paper.
Provide complete APA style citations and references for all research materials used in the essay.

Format your document in APA style according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines available at the Center for Writing Excellence.

Submit your assignment.