Write 8 pages thesis on the topic analytical analysis of carters bakery business.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic analytical analysis of carters bakery business. Hill (2005) describes operations management as “the field of study that focuses on the effective planning, scheduling, use and control of a manufacturing or service organization through the study of concepts that affects the organization”. (Hill, 2005)

Operations management is very important in any business organization. The main aim of undertaking operation management should be to increase productivity, reduce costs of productions, and enhance flexibility to match customer requirements and at the same time improve quality and customer care services. (Ruffini, et al, 2000)

As business organizations formulate plans and ways of dealing with the business opportunities and daily challenges that come up within the business environment, it is important that the business formulates a system that is able to produce quality services and products in required amounts and within the required time frame. In relation to Carter’s bakery, the operations were not well formulated and market research carried out was not enough to give them enough information about the market.

Designing the business system starts with developing a product. The development of a product entails determining the features and characteristics of a good product to be sold. When designing a product it is important that the customer needs should be incorporated in the designing process. The facilities and tools which will be used in product production are in this category. Also, the information system that is required in monitoring and controlling the performance of the product is included in this stage of designing. As Slack et al, (2007) points out the manufacturing process of a business or a company is an integral part of the designing process and will determine the failure or the success of the business&nbsp.enterprises.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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