Write 8 pages with APA style on Delivering Learning Environment for Visual and Physical Impair Child through Touch.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Delivering Learning Environment for Visual and Physical Impair Child through Touch. My main aim was to enable him to develop his tactile skills to stimulate his interest and ability to experience the world around him and motivate him to move outward in the first place. Through the assignment, I developed my own knowledge and understanding about the movement displayed by the pupil in respect of his visual and physical impairment. I also gained a greater insight into the relationship between his cognitive and physical abilities. I was able to highlight the reason why the pupil lacked the motivation to learn. Overall, I feel more able to incorporate the immediate environment and activities to overcome difficulties in accessing stimuli more effectively for the visual and physically impaired pupils. Pupil Z observation in class The sensory story began with an adult verbally indicating ‘it is time to go to the Chocolate factory’ and playing ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ introductory song on the plasma screen. Pupil Z was in his normal activity time positions, in his wheelchair with a table in front of him to access objects and equipment. Pupil Z worked one-to-one with an adult sitting on the side of his wheelchair. It was evident that Pupil Z was making head movements toward the source of sound and making arm movements at the sides of his chair. Next an adult leading the activity asked ‘who wants a golden ticket to go to factory?’ and the shiny golden tickets were passed around to each pupil to take one. It was evident that the smooth texture of the golden ticket was not very motivating for Pupil Z to explore co-actively with the adult support when the song ‘Golden ticket’ was played on the plasma screen. Instead Pupil Z was thoroughly enjoying listening to the song by smiling, laughing and making lots of intentional head movements rather than co-actively exploring the ticket. When the music stopped the adult leading the activity indicated ‘the train has arrived, all aboard’ and pupils were encouraged to give their tickets to an adult. The adult working with Pupil Z lifted his left arm and placed the golden ticket in his hand without any verbal indication. This lasted a few seconds before the adult released his left arm and took away the golden ticket. Pupil Z naturally seemed to have a very steamy look on his face. The sound track of the train raiding playing in the background seemed to have a very calming effect on him after experiencing this unexpected movement. When the pupils arrived at the chocolate room the adult leading the activity indicated ‘we are in the chocolate room’ and further added ‘what can you smell? what can you smell?’ All adults repeated ‘chocolate, chocolate, mmm mmm mmm!’ The two types of coco butter were passed around to be smelt. When Pupil Z was presented with the choice of two butters to smell he made a sound and after a brief period of time began lifting his arms. He used the tactile search to localise one of creams put on his table. Unfortunately, this cue was missed by an adult who passed this cream to another pupil to explore. When all the pupils had experienced the smell of the two coco butters it was time to explore ‘Chocolate River’. The plastic bowl with milkshake was passed around. Pupil Z was encouraged to co-actively hold the wooden spoon and stir the milkshake. It was evident that Pupil Z was not very motivated to hold the plastic bowl and make co-active stirring actions with the wooden spoon.

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