Write a 4 page in length body draft argumentative research paper

 Write a 4 page in length body draft argumentative research paper about why mothers kill their children. You are discouraged from using ″I will, I think, I believe, I feel″ or any other personal pronouns (me, we, us, our, my, you, you’re) in your paper. APA formatting and in-text citation required References Oberman, M., & Meyer, C. L. (2008). When mothers kill: Interviews from prison. NYU Press. Porter, T., & Gavin, H. (2010). Infanticide and neonaticide: a review of 40 years of research Shelton, J., & Hoffer, T. A. (2017). Maternal Filicide. In Handbook of Behavioral Criminology (pp. 179-200). Springer, Cham. literature on incidence and causes. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 11(3), 99-112. Tinning, M., Smith, S., Yates, A., Anthony, C., & Laws, S. H. (2015). Mothers Who Kill. McKee, G. R., & McKee, G. R. (2006). Why mothers kill : A forensic psychologist′s casebook. ProQuest Ebook Central https://ebookcentral.proquest.com Inchley, M. (2013). Hearing the Unhearable: The Representation of Women who Kill Children. Contemporary Theatre Review, 23(2), 192–205. https://doi-org.mylibrary.wilmu.edu/10.1080/10486801.2013.777049 Introduction is below… Maternal filicide is majorly achieved through infanticide and a significant percentage of neonaticide, which is the murder of infants within the first 24 hours of birth (Porter & Gavin, 2010). When the murder of a child occurs, the main perpetrator is usually the victim’s parent or guardian. With the risks of succumbing to homicide being too high in countries like the USA, child homicide stands at 8.0/100,000 infants (Inchley, 2013). This tragedy of child murder and maternal filicide has been occurring throughout the world and across historical times. With correlational, psychiatric, and general socioeconomic aspects, children’s murder is mainly due to the central pressures that these mothers tend to have, as discussed below. I would argue that the murder of children is not a norm but rather a consequential act caused by different helpless factors in the mothers’ case. Filicidal mothers, according to research, have been found to have similar circumstances of having psychosis-related issues, frequent depression, mental health issues, and suicidal thoughts all developed through five significant motives. One of them is an altruistic cause where mothers kill children due to love, and killing the child is in the best interest. Examples like these are where the mother would want to commit suicide and leave their child motherless and in a crueler position in life (Tinning et al., 2015). Other cases are whereby the child could be facing a chronic disease or an ailment that could lead to future death or a difficult life. In some acutely psychotic cases, mothers kill their children for no reason, which is very wrong unfair to both the victim and their mother. Killing a child due to the commands of hallucinations is quite very rampant for most psychotic mothers. Fatal maltreatment leading to filicide is considered a cause of these murders that do not directly influence the murder. In such cases, due to the child’s cumulative ill-treatment with acts such as child neglect and abuse, it leads to the child’s death. Most of the prison interviews reflect a significant percentage of such deaths (Shelton & Hoffer, 2017). This number is like the unwanted child motive of the murder, where a lot of mothers think that their child is of hindrance or a significant burden to their lives. These four are not the only motives, because some other minor issues tend to be affiliated with child filicide. An example is when a child is murdered due to their direct influence on a spouse or partner. In some cases, the murder could be done to avenge or hurt the feelings of a spouse to protect their feelings and situations in life (Inchley, 2013). Regardless, I would argue that none of all these motives can justify the murder of a child.