You will prepare and submit a term paper on Expansion of the Atlantic World. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Expansion of the Atlantic World. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. One of the leading factors that led to the expansion of the Atlantic world was the interest of European entrepreneurs to establish colonies in the new world. Majority of the merchants were moving to new regions seeking to establish colonies that would concentrate on agricultural production. These merchants had seen the benefits of growing sugar in neighboring islands. Sugar plantations on these islands were proving very productive. They were zealously seeking new regions to establish sugar plantations. The triangle travel in the Atlantic sea seemed to favor their intents because it allowed them to move to new regions expanding the new world. Sugar was the most significant crop in the Atlantic world. More merchants needed to venture into growing of sugar after witnessing its potential economic benefits. It is worth noting that the drive to establish colonies came because of the introduction of capitalism. The theory and practice of capitalism was a new thing that drove majority of the merchants to seek every opportunity of being able to establish an economic centre. The rise of mercantilism thinking brought about the idea of capitalism (Evans and Ryden 222). Capitalism emphasized the process of increasing wealth for each nation through economic colonies. The drive to establish capitalism was strong as it translated to power in the European setting. Nations that established more colonies were powerful than those who did not venture into expansion. Each of the nations struggled to establish new nod different trade opportunities in order to increase the national total wealth and power. Even when they moved to new regions, European nations embarked on a vigorous scramble for new territories. It is in this venture that the Europeans established colonies in America. In addition, slave system is one of the crucial factors that hastened the pace at which the Atlantic world expanded (Searing 27). With increasing demand for labor, the Europeans initiated a salve trade that provided cheap and continuous labor in most of the American colonies. Slave trade helped most of the colonies succeed increasing the flow of goods in most of the established colonies. Shipping of colonies was from Africa to the American colonies. Slaves formed part of the triangle trade that exported raw materials from America to Europe. The Europeans, driven by the capitalist expansion indulged in manufacturing of goods. These goods targeted the market in Africa. Shipping of slaves occurred from Africa to America to work in the colony plantations (Evans and Ryden 25) Religion was another factor that led to the expansion of the Atlantic world. there was a religious revolution in Europe that led to the oppression of the adherents of some religions. On moving to new regions, they found new economic ventures. Some moved to establish new religious converts to the new world but indulged in trade later. Some of those motivated by religious factors also caught up with the capitalism spirit. The religious revolution was an opposition of the powers of the archbishop in Europe at the time. In the spirit of creation of new economic ventures, European settlers reached North America in 1620s (Mancall 20). After their arrival, they set out to establish colonies in the region. The first of these settlers arriving at Plymouth were Protestants.

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