Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how to be a good accountant in the future.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how to be a good accountant in the future. To investigate and come up with clear responses of professional accountants, in various work settings. Background Recently, many things have developed relating to bookkeepers and their job. Many companies have lost money in unclear circumstances and this has caused many companies to lose trust in many accountants. However, it is unclear whether the mistakes and problems that many companies face emanate from the errors and unethical behaviors of accountants. For this reasons, it good to find out what makes or breaks an accounting reputation. Approach or method This research will employ the use of questionnaires, samples survey as sources of information concerning the ethical standards of accountants. This will answer the questions concerning their future accounting profession improvement. The proposed literature The proposed literature will base on the factors behind a good accounting job and the negatives associated with it. it will give the significance of the investigation to the upcoming of bookkeeping professionals. The Gantt chart Gantt chart Task Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April Research proposal Poster creation Literature review Data collection Analysis of Results Presentation of the results Introduction Studies indicate that, many organizations in recent times face scandalous financial situations. These incidences have been associated with accountants who work as employees in various business organizations in different settings in the world. Several businesses have lost cash in the course and the reason of the basis of the problem is uncertain, which has stained the reputation of several businesses. As a result, big and small companies are losing out in terms of business performance and profit making. The blunders leading to the deprived performance are alleged to be caused bookkeeping specialists. In some cases, the mistakes have been associated with the management as a whole. this is because the organization is involved in the decisions that influence the working of the auditors. In either way, what the accountants do affects the management and in reverse, the decisions made by the management influences accounting behaviors. This means that there are a number of issues revolving around the same issue of why many organizations have lost trust in accountants as professionals. For this reason, there is need to carry out an extensive research on the issues surrounding accounting as a field of professionalism. Before looking at that, here are some important facts about accounting. this will form the footing about bookkeeping and certified public auditor in particular. According to studies, it is through accounting that a mechanism that provides data, which is a crucial concerning the financial status of an organization in relation to business matters. The information found through this way is essential for investors because it gives critical details, which could be used as the determining factors in line with the decisions the investors have to make before investing. It may also help in determining whether the investors could opt not to invest in the organization, as the financial information may not be appealing to them. This will be viewed in terms of return on investments that the organization may receive after the investments. Regarding a good image of a corporate, moral or ethical and expert bookkeeping, comprises a clear image of a corporate financially.

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