Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on operations management in the mall.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on operations management in the mall. The first floor of the Mall has a big supermarket where people can shop for groceries as well as other types of goods. The second floor has a variety of shops ranging from restaurants, electronics shops sports shops, etc. The third floor also features the same types of shops. It also contains a banking lobby and the other peculiar shops offering special products. There is an electronic massage parlor located in a public place (not enclosed). The shopping mall has two wings, with an expansive area between the wings. In this area are the elevators and lifts that can be used to reach the various floors. The users also have an option to use the stairs. Every floor has modern toilets.

With regard to operations management, volume refers to the volume of productivity in relation to the number of resources such as labor that are needed for the production. High volume refers to a high ratio of production versus resources needed. Supermarkets such as Tesco have a high volume of operation throughput due to the use of automation. In the Mall, there are various factors that have made it possible to increase the volume in its operations management. The factors have to look at the following.

The volume of human traffic

The shopping mall has to be able to allow for a smooth flow of people in and out of the shopping mall twenty 24 of the day. The guards at the entrance of the mall have to know how to enforce security to deal with any insecurity threat that may be coming into the mall and at the same time be able to allow for the smooth flow of human traffic.


The supermarket in the mall is not just a small grocery store but is a fully-fledged supermarket selling all types of merchandise. The supermarket needs to bring in merchandise into the mall and at the same time, be able to release merchandise after customers have bought the merchandise. The submarket has its own loading area and therefore does not interfere with the traffic flowing into the mall.

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